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For literally hundreds of years companies have faced the same two dilemmas:

•    How can we motivate workers and get them to be more productive?
•    How can we find the best person for the job?

Until now, finding the answers has been an uphill battle. Repeated studies have shown the 80-20 rule is alive and well – the fact that 80 percent of the work is done by just 20 percent of a firm’s employees. Why will the Core Values Index will transform your workplace? Because a majority of workers are in positions with duties that run counter to their innate strengths and core nature.


Protocol Solutions Group turns the 80-20 rule on its head. The first step is administering the scientifically-tested Core Values Index assessment tool to a company’s workforce to tell us which of four core values represents the primary motivator for every employee. We then compare the duties of every employee against our profiles of more than 1,700 positions to ensure the right person is in the right job to maximize success.


You’ve invested a lot of time and money on your workers. Protocol Solutions Group will allow you to realize the greatest return on this investment by ensuring your employees are in positions that allow them to work at their highest and best level.

Taylor Protocols' bank of sophisticated, scientifically proven tools – combined with Protocol Solutions Group's expert coaching and workforce development programs – can help your company with:

•    Talent Identification & Succession Planning
•    Performance Management
•    Talent Selection, Recruitment & Staffing
•    Assessments
•    Skill Building / Learning Programs
•    New employee training
•    Team Building


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Core Values Index (CVI) Assessment


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