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Despite the background checks, interviews and even personality and aptitude tests companies use in making hiring decisions, too many times firms find themselves with promising candidates that don’t work out. The same is unfortunately true with promotions – a hard and dedicated worker who seems ready for advancement ends up floundering in his or her new assignment.

The reality is that in most cases these problems are nobody’s fault. It’s simply the individual’s core makeup – their unchanging nature – is not suited for the particular job.  But start linking people to jobs that fit their innate, unchanging nature and your company will hit a homerun virtually 100 percent of the time.

Protocol Solutions Group and its scientifically-tested Core Values Index assessment tool can determines which of four core values represents an individual’s primary motivator. The results are then compared to the Top Performer Profile, which uses patent-pending algorithms to find top performers and link them with the right job for them – and your company – to prosper.  The Employment Pre-Selection Sciences™ system ensures that all future hires will be A & B Performers, guaranteed by Taylor Protocols.

Taylor Protocols, the company founded by CVI creator Lynn Taylor, has profiled more than 1,700 job classifications at more than 700 companies in order to match individuals who have the right core values to excel at the tasks involved.  

Make no mistake – these tests are not based on assessments of behaviors that can change over time. Instead, they get to the true nature of the individual. Taylor Protocols, the company founded by CVI creator Lynn Taylor, found that more than more than 97 percent of people first tested in 1999 were found to have the same Real Core Values Nature™ when retested in 2014.


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